The overwhelming majority of slot machine players have no idea about the peculiarities of the meanings of these games and how the occurrence of certain combinations on the reel affects the final winnings. Below we will tell you about the features of calculating winnings in slot machines from various manufacturers .

Slots with 243 lines

The winning amount in such slot machines depends on a number of factors:

  1. The number of scattered symbols scattered on the playing field. The more symbols you have, the higher your winnings. Two symbols on the playing field – wagering the bet. You can calculate the multiplications in slots as follows (with a base rate of 30 rubles): 3 symbols – a win of 250 rubles, 4 symbols – 600 rubles, maximum 5 symbols – 6000 rubles.
  2. Basic images. The more basic portraits on the field, the higher the winning amount. With a bet of 30 rubles for the maximum 5 symbols on the playing field, you can get 500 rubles to the account.
  3. The main symbol of the machine (wild symbol). For each symbol on the field, a certain amount is credited to the game account, while the symbol also acts as a multiplier. If there are 5 basic images and one machine symbol on the field, the prize will be not 500, but 1000 rubles.

The size of the final win varies depending on the size of the initial bet. You can get acquainted with the changes using special tables that are attached to the slot.

Linear slot machines

Counting winnings in linear link judi slot online slots is no more difficult than in the previously described category of machines. The only condition is that the paytable does not change its values ​​even with an increase in the size of the bet.

Calculation of winnings on the example of the slot Creature from the Black Lagoon

In the machine , the image of Kay’s girl is the most valuable. If at least one of the paylines appears during scrolling three such images, 25 coins are automatically credited to the player’s account, 250 coins are credited for 4 symbols on the field, and 600 coins for the maximum number (5 images on the reels).

The appearance of “wild” symbols on the playing field promises an increase in the size of the win by two times. Unlike non-linear machines, wild symbols are not counted independently on the field without other bonuses.

It is most convenient to count multiplications in slots using special tables, the values ​​in them change depending on the user’s bet. The more winning combinations in one spin appear on the machine, the higher the final winning cara main judi online Malaysia amount will be.