Each provider is obliged to obey the instructions of government agencies if they do not want to have problems with the law. In this regard, fans of gambling are increasingly interested in how to enter a casino if access is closed. We will try to answer this question in as much detail as possible.

How to bypass casino blocking for a regular user

There are several simple ways to spend time playing your favorite games, ignoring government prohibitions. You will be helped by:


These are special programs using which you can enter the Internet as if you are geographically not in Russia , but in another country. Apps like Zenmate or Hola VPN spoof your IP address, making your real location data unavailable. Before downloading and installing such software, make sure it is safe. After all, it is theoretically possible that it will contain a virus. By hacking into a PC, attackers can steal personal data and money from accounts. There is also a possibility that they will publish extremist appeals under your IP on behalf of some terrorist organization.


In terms of functionality, this service is similar to the well-known Torrent system, which millions of people use every day to download pirated content. A network participant receives data through the devices of other users, while the addresses of all users remain anonymous. Tor is the safest way to transfer information on the Internet these days.

VPN browsers

The most popular of these is Opera. Its functionality has a built-in Turbo function, which can be activated with one click on the corresponding button in the user interface. This is designed to provide faster page loading. But at the same time, when the turbo mode is turned on in the browser, your IP also changes, so regional blocking ceases to apply to you.

Proxy servers

Perhaps the most efficient way. It works like this: the server of the virtual casino is replaced with another, as a result of which you can open it in the same way as any unlocked one. Proxy passes all traffic through itself. You can install it in any browser except the standard Internet Explorer.

Do not forget that today almost every major online casino has its own software client. You can download and install it on your computer or smartphone. Then all you need to do is run the program when you want to play. She herself will do whatever is needed. You can play right in the software window, easily making deposits and withdrawing winnings. If you think that the casino or bookmaker is trustworthy, then feel free to install its software.

In conclusion

Many online gambling resources periodically create so-called “mirrors”. These are copies of their official websites hosted under different domain names. They can work for some time until they come under the attention of regulatory authorities. Then, when all the bureaucratic formalities have been met, the “mirrors” are also blocked, like the originals. It should be borne in mind that scammers sometimes disguise themselves as alternative sites of real reliable casinos.

Now you know how to remove blocking from a casino website. We do not give any recommendations, but only provide interesting information. How to deal with the knowledge gained is up to you.